About ENAC

Emama Nguda Aboriginal Corporation (ENAC) is a not-for-profit, Aboriginal Community based and managed charitable organisation, which has been operating in the Derby/Malarabah region of the Kimberley in Western Australia for more than 20 years.

ENAC is governed by a Board elected by members of the organisation.

Emama Nguda has gained a record of achievement for managing housing for remote Aboriginal communities in the Kimberley. In the 2013/14 financial year ENAC as a partner organisation with Remote Jobs in Communities Program (RJCP) Derby organised the skills development and training for 48 participants.

The organisation has approximately 75 members that mostly reside in the seven local community groups. Most of these communities also have separately incorporated Aboriginal Corporations. Collaboration between local, regional and national organisations is central to delivering improved outcomes for these communities.

Profits are reinvested into ENAC to grow existing enterprises, and to acquire and generate new enterprises. The number of long term jobs created, rather than the rate of return on investment alone, is the primary criteria in assessing business performance.

Emama Nguda will seek to ensure the productive use of such opportunities to benefit Aboriginal children, adults and communities. We will seek out and support opportunities for local Aboriginal people to participate in employment and business opportunities, and continue to protect our land and our cultural heritage.

ENAC also has a commercial arm called Lalgardi Enterprises Pty Ltd, which was incorporated in 2013, in a move towards achieving greater business-oriented outcomes.

“The main objectives of ENAC is to manage its own affairs on its own land by supporting education, job training, employment, housing, individual, family and community wellbeing services, the development of Aboriginal economic projects and enterprises whilst encouraging the community to keep and renew its traditional culture.”

Parliamentary Secretary Tudge: Project launched to (Empowered Communities 2014)

Our Mission

Emama Nguda’s Mission is to advocate for the rights of our people and to advance the economic independence of Aboriginal people in the Derby region.

ENAC pursues business opportunities independently and in partnerships with other stakeholders and strategic allies, which increases long-term employment opportunities for Aboriginal people

Our Values

The aims of Emama Nguda Aboriginal Corporation are as follows

  • To encourage, foster and support community development and enterprises for our people while taking into consideration our cultural beliefs and values
  • To provide services, programs and understandings for the relief of unemployed Aboriginal people, and to address poverty experienced by individuals, families or communities
  • To train and employ Aboriginal people of the region
  • To establish equality with traditional values: Giving, sharing and caring, self-determination, development, self-sufficiency, self-esteem, self-empowerment, reconciliation and two way learning
  • To support social development for members
  • To bring about self-support of members by the development of Aboriginal economic projects and enterprises
  • To help and encourage members to manage their own affairs upon their own land
  • To help build trust and friendship between members and other people
  • To receive and spend grants of money from the government of the Commonwealth or the State or from other sources, and to be accountable to funding bodies and members for the use of these funds

Our Staff

  • Ben Burton
  • Jodie McKenzie
  • Alicia Barker
  • Ian Riley
  • Vanessa Lennard
  • David Ishiguchi
  • Bruce Quinn

The people involved in Emama Nguda Aboriginal Corporation have a broad range of skills and experience that include:

  • Leadership, including traditional leadership
  • Excellent working knowledge of local cultural protocols
  • Working with Aboriginal communities
  • Managing strategic relationships
  • Professional management
  • Financial and administration services
  • Business Development
  • Trade professionals
  • Trainers