Housing Management

Emama Nguda Aboriginal Corporation (ENAC) successfully manages a government Housing Management Contract for the West Australian Department of Housing (DoH).

As part of this contract, ENAC manages close to 100 houses in communities throughout the Derby/Malarabah Region.  This includes establishing and maintaining tenancy agreements, rent collection, tenant’s liability provisions/charges, property inspection and condition reports.

ENAC also has responsibility for the management and provision of repairs and maintenance

Strong Partnerships

The management of this program requires close contact and good relationships with housing tenants, their families and community boards.  These relationships have strengthened over several years.

ENAC also works closely with contractors and service providers to ensure that repairs and maintenance are carried out in an appropriate and timely manner.

With most communities having Housing Committees, ENAC attends meetings to provide support for new housing initiatives and report on the current status of housing.

ENAC can also advise these communities regarding any logistical planning issues or travel disruptions, due to having a sound knowledge of the geographical area, and the road and weather conditions.

Emama Nguda is committed to advocating for the rights of Aboriginal people in relation to the provision and management of housing.



(The following are currently on ENAC’s website.  ENAC will advise which to keep and provide updated forms)